Roosters may be banned from Yuma city limits for crowing

Roosters may be banned from Yuma city limits for crowing

Yuma, AZ--Some feathers are being ruffled due to a rooster's cock a doodle do within city limits.

"They crow from the time they start roosting to about 5:30 at night, all night long they crow," Rick Merrill, Yuma resident said. "I'm really tired of it I would love to get rid of them or get them out of here, there's no peace."

Yuma's City council could review an ordinance already on the books that allows roosters in the city for 4-H or FFA type of projects.

City officials said they became aware that some roosters were inside city limits and generated noise complaints.

Merrill said he hopes the city council makes an amendment.

"I have a very nice yard, they're constantly in my yard tearing up my flowers just causing problems going to the bathroom on the front porch and it's a mess," Merrill said.

However, some residents don't mind their crowing at all and find them comforting.

"Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the day sometimes in the evening, they crow on and off all the time," Maureen Merrell said. "But it's not distracting, you're in your house.>

If an amendment is made, city officials said residents may continue to keep a rooster on their property but they must be quiet and comply with other animal restrictions.

The measure is among items on the agenda for the council's meeting Wednesday in the council chambers at Yuma City Hall.

"They're just really nice little beings, so I hope they don't pass it and I hope they don't go away," she said.



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