Medical marijuana dispensaries put on hold in Imperial Valley

Medical marijuana dispensaries put on hold in Imperial Valley

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 El Centro, CA-Two cities in the Imperial Valley voted differently on what to do over medical marijuana dispensaries.

"There's just too much confusion so we felt that its time to put a moratorium, continue the moratorium for another year or another 2 years depending on when things are more clear," Calexico Councilman John Moreno said.

Calexico city council members decided to outright ban medical marijuana dispensaries Tuesday night.

Moreno said currently there is just too much uncertainty with state and federal laws.

"I hope the state and federal government can get together and decide what they can do for these individuals that need this type of medication," Moreno said.

California state law allows people with cannabis cards to grow marijuana or posses it.

Calexico resident Mauro Alvarez said he believes that people who need the substance for their health should have access to medical dispensaries.

"Everybody should buy what they need," Alvarez said.

However several miles away, City of El Centro officials decided to wait and see.

El Centro city officials said they are waiting for the California supreme court to make a decision on two significant cases regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

Norma Villacaña, director of planning and zoning for City of El Centro said city officials don't want to be in violation of any laws.

She said that's why the council voted to wait 120 days after the supreme court makes a decision to allow adjustments if necessary.

Villacaña said the California supreme court may take up to a year to make a decision.

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