Disabled Yuma woman receives life changing gift

Disabled Yuma woman receives life changing gift


YUMA, AZ - A woman receives a life changing gift from a local association.

Linda Farrar cooks, bakes and washes her hands with no trouble at all.

However, that wasn't always the case.

She has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for over 30 years which has confined her to a wheelchair for more than a decade.

"There have been times I couldn't move at all," said Farrar. "Staying inside when I had been such a mover was extremely difficult for me to handle," she said.

Thanks to the Yuma Southwest Contractors Association, the former dance teacher has once again regained her independence.

Her home has been undergoing renovations for the last three years including: lower counters, walk up sinks and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

The once a dance studio property, is now handicap friendly to accommodate Farrar's disability.

"It's a really good feeling to be able to contribute and give back to someone who has given so much, we're very proud," said Pat Walker, Chairman for the Yuma Southwest Contractors Association.

Walker says the remodeling didn't come easy.

When the association first started the project they struggled for funds when the economy hit rock bottom. But people's donations made it possible.

"It's amazing the feeling that I have now," said Farrar.

The also two time breast cancer survivor says she and her husband of 40 years are very humbled by their new home and are enjoying the simple things in life.

Yuma Southwest Contractors Association officials say they were first approached by the Kofa High graduating class of 1967 to see if they could help out their fellow classmate.

"We everyday wake up…and we'll sit here thinking how can we have been so lucky."

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