C-SPAN tour bus visits Yuma

C-SPAN tour bus visits Yuma


YUMA, CA – Political awareness drove through Yuma today.

The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, also known as C-SPAN, has been traveling by bus to shine light on the world of politics.

C-SPAN showed off their modern technology equipment in their tour bus, which made its way to Yuma this morning to raise political awareness.

"It's great that you have this here so that the kids who do want to vote or don't know who they're going to vote for, they can come see and make an educative decision for themselves," said Malia Brown, AWC student.

C-SPAN welcomed everyone onto their bus and allowed them to use their devices to access political news.

The bus features touch screen computers, TV's, and iPads.

Students on board learned how they can access information regarding the 2012 Campaign.

"They can learn a little bit more about what's going on in Washington and how they can become more educated," said Jessica Lindquist, C-SPAN Marketing Representative.

The C-SPAN tour bus has been traveling all over the country visiting different cities and reaching out to communities with one purpose: political consciousness.

Many people at the event agreed that something as noticeable as a large bus will drag people in and make them aware of important political news like the republican race for the nomination for president.

"Having something here that people can see, it does bring up the awareness. Otherwise, it remains hidden," said Monica Bryant, AWC administrative assistant.

While in town the C-SPAN bus made two pit stops before getting on the road again. They're next visit is to San Diego, California Wednesday morning.

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