Calexico School Board member fights to keep Preschool, Adult Ed

Calexico School Board member fights to keep Preschool, Adult Ed


CALEXICO, CA - The Calexico Unified School Board's decision last month to close its preschool program contines to worry parents who rely on its services.

Stella Jimenez serves as PTA President for the Calexico State Preschool and says over a hundred Calexico preschoolers will be affected by the closure, which will occur in the 2012-13 school year.

Calexico Unified School Board member Joong Kim says mis-appropriated funds will not just the Preschool, but the Adult Ed programs as well.  In an effort to preserve those programs, Kim emailed Superintendent Richard Fragale to add three action items to the Board's upcoming agenda March 22 which would reverse it Board's approval of the Calexico Preschool closure, the cuts to Adult Education programs and the pink-slipping of 82 teachers in the District.

Kim says teacher cuts should be minimized too.  Kim wants to the District to reconsider the Preschool closure and cutting Adult Ed programs.

Jimenez says there are additional funding for the Preschool and says the problem is that the district didn't go for the maximum funds per pupil.

Kim and Jimenez say they will hold a public meeting at Camarena Public Library (across the street from Calexico High School) on Tuesday, March 20 from 5:00-7:45 p.m.  Jimenez says her PTA group also is gathering signatures of voters who oppose the Preschool and Adult Ed cuts.  So far, Jimenez says they have gathered over 200 signatures.

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