ASU markets online degree program to target CA cities

ASU markets online degree program to target CA cities


YUMA, AZ - While California State University reduces enrollment size systemwide, one university in the desert southwest works to do the opposite. 

Arizona State University markets over 40 online degree programs via billboards throughout California.

"We're focusing  very heavily, very aggressively in the California market," says ASU spokesperson Russ Knocke.  "We see it as a tremendous opportunity for us to continue to serve adults who, otherwise, might not be able to earn their four-year degree and would be very unlikely to come to Phoenix to study on ground."

Knocke oversees the marketing and communications efforts for ASU Online.  He says its billboard campaigns and interactive website helps spread the word.

"We're actively focusing on getting the word out within the Great State of California about the fact ASU now offers fully online degree programs and the opportunities as a result that that could afford."

ASU Online's marketing of its programs are begining to pay off.  After one year of billboard and social media campaigning, Knocke says web traffic to ASU's Online Program has increased over five to 15-fold in target cities like Long Beach, San Diego and Los Angeles.

"We have made the very conscious and strategic decision to invest to really invest in the best available, highest quality, technological applications and platforms," says Knocke.  "We can ensure that the learning outcomes of our students are every bit as good online if not better than they might be on the ground."

ASU Online touts an intense curriculum, packing a semester-long course in a shorter amount of time.

"Terms here are basically 7.5 weeks," says Knocke.  "So what that allows a student to do is really plow through their path towards graduation and take their courses to be able to go year round and be able to graduate as quickly as their schedule allows them to do."

ASU Online also take advantage of social media to keep students engaged and connected.

"We also are very active in the social media space," says Knocke.  "We have dedicated Facebook pages, we have Twitter accounts, we have a geo-location app that's similar to a Four Square that we affectionately call Spark that allows ASU students wherever they might be to check in at a coffee shop or at home or at their place of employment."

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