"Wouldn't it be cool if..." campaign comes to Yuma

"Wouldn't it be cool if..." campaign comes to Yuma

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 Yuma, AZ--Time Warner Cable and pop star Will.I.am from the musical group the Black Eyed Peas invited students from the Yuma area to take part in the "Wouldn't It Be Cool If..." nationwide campaign.

About 200 hundreds students were placed in a big conference room to come up with the coolest invention they think will make life more awesome.

Most of the student's ideas leaned towards renewable energy.

"Take a dam for instance, when water runs thru, it creates energy using the water. So if you put that same kind of concept inside a car that water system could power the engine instead of actual fuel," Brandon Torres,a  6th grade student said. "So you can save money from not applying gas and its also clean unlike gas and it's inexpensive."

Torres said he thought of the idea after hearing his parents complain about the current high gas prices.

"I realize if this could actually get invented it could help them with the prices and not just my family but a bunch of other people," he said.

As part of the event, students worked together to explore how using science, technology, engineering and mathematics can make a difference in their ideas.

One student's idea aimed at saving lives on the road.

"Mine was wouldn't it be cool if cars could be resistant to each other like magnets so it would be impossible for car crashes to happen," Mary Rodriguez said.

Another girl's boredom while riding the bus inspired her to create a bus powered by treadmills, bicycles and solar panels.

"The buses powered by your energy so the more you play the faster it goes," Emily Eads said.

According to officials rules from the "Wouldn't It Be Cool If Web site..." the contest has two age groups: Ages 10-12 and 13-15.

You can have 2 to 3 member teams and all members of a team must fall within the same age group.

The rules said users are limited to submitting one idea, either as an individual or team.

The grand prize winner will get the chance to work with Fahrenheit 212, one of the nation's top innovation consulting firms where the student will have the opportunity to bring their idea to life.

For more detailed information about the contest rules and deadline to submit your idea

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