AZ Docs 4 Patient Care speak out on Obama administration health

AZ Docs 4 Patient Care speak out on Obama administration healthcare


YUMA, AZ - Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have made Obama's healthcare plan a point of contention.

"Obamacare deals with a 100-percent of the people," said Romney shortly after his Primary victory in Illinois.  "It takes over healthcare for everyone.  It's not just the uninsured."

"It's not about Romneycare, it's not about Obamacare," said Santorum in a recent CBS interview.  "Not government-mandated healthcare or government-controlled healthcare."

About 10,000 patients enter the Medicare system on a daily basis.  Some doctors say the insurance doesn't adequately cover the cost for them to treat a Medicare patient.  And with more government regulations and the rising cost of malpractice insurance, they say things aren't going to get any better."

Yuma surgeon Dr. Constance Uribe says federal law reforms cater to giving entitlements rather than focusing on quality patient care.

"Congress is filled with lawyers so they'd be stabbing themselves in the foot if they passed federal Tort reform," said Dr. Uribe.  "But here, you have Texas that did pass Tort reform and what's happening?  The docs are moving to Texas.  They have recruited wonderful physicians."

The group "Docs 4 Patient Care" opposes Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010.  Dr. John Ammon, a Phoenix doctor who represents the Arizona chapter says it's already hurt physicians whose primary concern is to give patient quality care.

"I think that the traditional role of the physician is about to change in a way that basically moves us from a Hippocratic Oath, patient-oriented, best outcome model to a veterinarian model where the owner of the patient which is the government," said Dr. Ammon.  "They have control over all people with the government-controlled health insurance."

Dr. Uribe worries about the future of healthcare.

"It's not going to be a matter of having the highest grades like it was when I went to medical school.  I'm going to be elderly.  I mean, I already have a Medicare card.  But I'm going to be truly elderly," says Dr. Uribe.  "There will be no one as competent as I am to take care of me.  That's my fear."

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