Prosecution opposes Rhonda Liddle's request for a new trial

Prosecution opposes Rhonda Liddle's request for a new trial


Phoenix, AZ.- The government has requested a judge to not grant a woman convicted of de-frauding a local credit union with a new trial.

Rhonda Liddle's attorney filed the motion last month. We first reported it to you on News 13.

On Wednesday, in response to it, the government says The United States opposes Defendant Rhonda Liddle's request for a new trial under Rule 33, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. This Court should summarily deny Defendant's motion because: 1) the motion is based on statements made by the prosecutor during the rebuttal closing argument, and Defendant waived her claim of error by failing to timely object and/or move for a mistrial; 2) the statements at issue were factually accurate and not prohibited by the Ninth Circuit's recent decision in United States v. Lopez-Avila or the cases upon which that decision relies; and 3) the statements at issue were not an indirect comment on Defendant's failure to testify at trial.

On February 10th, Mrs. Liddle was found guilty on 36 of 54 counts including conspiracy, fraud and money laundering against AEA Federal Credit Union.

Her husband Bill, the former Vice President of Business Lending for AEA, was found guilty on all 54 counts.

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