Navajo code talker comes to Yuma

Navajo code talker comes to Yuma

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Yuma, AZ--Their unbreakable code saved thousands of lives and helped to end World War II.

One of those famous code talkers was honored at Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma.

Peter Macdonald, Sr. is among the 38 Navajo code talkers still alive today.

He spoke to dozens of marines about the code talkers role during World War II.

Macdonald said he was just 15 years old when he first joined the Marines Corp.

A Navajo code talker's job was to use their native language to transmit information about the enemy during World War II.

The Japanese at the time had been cracking every code but the Navajo language was something they just couldn't figure out.

"It's America's legacy to show the diversity of the community that we have in America," Macdonald said. "It played a big role in defending the freedom and liberty we have."

The Navajo language became one of the most successful codes in military history.

Macdonald is the president of the Navajo Code Talkers Association.

He said he hopes to raise enough funds to build a national museum of Navajo code talkers to keep the legacy alive.

If you wish to make any donations to help build the museum you can visit the official web site at


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