Rhonda Liddle's attorney files reply to government's opposition

Rhonda Liddle's attorney files reply to government's opposition of a new trial


PHOENIX, AZ- The woman convicted of de-frauding a local credit union with her husband has filed a reply to the governments opposition of her request for a new trial.

Rhonda Liddle's attorney Mark Paige filed the reply Wednesday.

It states the government's argument seems to be: "if you don't want us to mislead the jury, then offer the evidence we left out."

Paige filed a request for a mistrial on behalf of his client last month. The motion stated remarks in the governments rebuttal closing arguments about a conversation Rhonda had with an FBI agent in November 2010 were misleading.

Rhonda and her husband Bill, who is the former Vice President of Business Lending for AEA Federal Credit Union are scheduled to be sentenced in May.

On February 10, Mrs. Liddle was found guilty on 36 of 54 counts and Mr. Liddle was found guilty on all counts, which included conspiracy, fraud, and money laundering against AEA FCU.

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