Website ranks Yuma # 1 for worst place in the U.S. for singles

Website ranks Yuma # 1 for worst place in the U.S. for singles


Yuma, AZ - People having trouble finding a date or significant other could blame the local economy according to one website. has rated Yuma as the worst city in the United States for singles. 

"I disagree with the website because I met my beautiful girlfriend here and soon we plan to get married," says Danny Briano a Yuma Resident. 

The article written by Caitlan Dewey says the top 10 cities she listed as the worst don't offer deep pools of financially attractive singles. Dewey says when it comes to dating, money matters and in Yuma nearly one out of four residents are unemployed. 

Julie Engel, the President and CEO of Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp doesn't agree with the websites claims.  

"It's irresponsible reporting. They do look at data and they do look at hard statistics that are collected from the department of unemployment, but it isn't a true snap shot, or even a holistic snap shot of what this region truly is," says Engel. 

The website states they put together the list by screening for places where the percentage of unmarried households falls below the national average. also factored in income and the cost of living based on data from the Census Bureau and the Council for Community and Economic Research.   One Yuma resident says she's never had trouble finding a match.  

"People don't have trouble here, everyone is real cool here. I have a boyfriend and we have been together for 3 years," says Katleynn Durfee a Yuma resident. 

Engel says the mission of Greater Yuma is to expand economic activity within Yuma county by attracting commerce and industry to the region.  She says negative online rankings like this aren't good for our community but they also don't hold a lot of weight. 

"The companies that were trying to attract to the region and the companies we have in the region don't give these kinds of rankings any weight or any value. But for some individuals who are possibly looking at relocating, that's where we might have to over come some of the damage that these irresponsible rankings put out there," says Engel. says the worst cities to be single in may not be so bad for families or retirees. Many of the cities listed offer enviable amenities, warm weather and low living costs.

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