MCAS Squadron 371 homecoming

MCAS Squadron 371 homecoming


Yuma, AZ - Families anxiously waited for their loved ones to arrive after a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan.   

"It feels so unreal, just overwhelming, a lot to handle, says Daniel Naranjo, MCAS Squadron 371.

Over 200 Marines from squadron 371 returned to the Marine Air Corps Station this afternoon after what they describe as a very successful mission.   

"Everybody that left with us came home with us and that is the mark in my view of a successful deployment which is great because not all the deployments I have been on have always been that way. Everyone that got on the plane is coming home with us," says Lieutenant Colonel Michael Crosser, Commanding Officer with MCAS Squadron 371.   

Families have been long awaiting this day and some were over come with emotion.  

"I'm so excited he's back, we are like twins. I Love him so much.. It can't explain how great it feels to him back," says CPL. Benjamin Juarez.  

Michelle Juarez tells News 13 this was her brother corporal Benjamin Juarez's first deployment. The family is very excited to have him back. 

Melissa Naranjo says the time apart from her husband was more difficult than she expected.  "It's been devastating.

"I didn't think it would be that hard but honestly I had to find something in myself to be more. I'm glad he's here now to take care of me," says Melissa Naranjo.  

Not all squadron 371 members arrived this afternoon, the rest will be coming in within the next few days..

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