Arizona Western College students celebrate Earth Day

Arizona Western College students celebrate Earth Day


Yuma, AZ - Hundreds of students were out listening to music, playing games and participating in contests, all in honor of Earth Day.      

"The earth only has so many resources and at the rate we are going we are deplenishing everything we have left. What will we do when it's all gone? Our children will suffer forever for our mistakes, so to act now is the best we can do," says Ericka Encinas an AWC Student. 

Today marks the Fifth Annual Sustainability Fair put on by Arizona Western College in Yuma. Events were planned throughout the afternoon keeping students engaged, there was even a fashion show.

"It takes a lot of work because we are using news paper, phone books, plastic bags, plastic flowers and we are using practically all those materials that you wouldn't think would make a nice outfit but it actually worked out," says Araceli Acosta and AWC Student. 

Acosta says people can be more resourceful when it comes to wearing clothes which in turn can help the environment. 

Several companies were in attendance sharing with students about career opportunities in the green industry.  

"It's important to show the students at AWC what we are doing and the opportunities we have here for jobs in Yuma at MCAS in our environmental department and engineering department, We have a lot to offer to the students," says Bill Shephard with the Environmental Department MCAS Yuma.  

 Shephard says the base has water conservation projects, solar projects and they use led lighting to help conserve energy.

Acosta says even small changes can make a big difference.  

"If you don't want to give up your truck, then worry about recycling, or do other things. You don't have to give up everything, just a little helps," says Acosta.  

Students who participated in the event say today was a success because they got people thinking about what they can do to help better the environment.

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