UPDATE: Yuma's Outdoor Marketplace Forecloses

UPDATE: Yuma's Outdoor Marketplace Forecloses


YUMA, AZ - A security guard roams the parking lot at Yuma's Outdoor Marketplace to keep anyone off the property including the owner, according to the security guard on duty.

Friday evening News 13 went over to the market place, which is closing down for the season and not planning to reopen at the present location. There, the security guard told us the property foreclosed and the bank took over. He says Southwest Management became in charge and they were hired by the bank to watch the property because the previous owner threatened to harm the property.

Early Friday News 13 talked to the owner Dan Dinwiddie who had the market place sign outside the property lit up asking for the recall of Yuma's Mayor Al Krieger, that sign was turned off later that evening.

Dinwiddie told us he is forming a recall committee against Mayor Krieger. He says for the past year he's been investigating what he calls unfair business practices against him and is taking it to the attorney generals office in phoenix. Dinwiddie says the city has targeted him forcing him into chapter 11.

Prior to the sign about the mayor's recall, the market place had another sign asking the public to boycott two local doctors.

Dinwiddie says they unfairly were able to secure the bank note on the property. He says a restraining order forced him to take his first message down and he will fight that order.

We tried contacting the owner again Friday night for comment about the current situation, but he was not available.

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