Suspect in Sheriff Deputy shooting pleads guilty

Suspect in Sheriff Deputy shooting pleads guilty

Leo Trujillo Leo Trujillo

YUMA, AZ- Leo Robert Trujillo changed his plea Friday morning in connection to shooting at Yuma County Sheriff Deputies on September 10, 2011.

Prosecutors say deputies were serving a search warrant at the Terracina Apartments on Avenue B that day to retrieve weapons from a burglary a few days prior.

They say the deputies knocked and announced their presence, they were in uniform and they were also using an electronic device on the police vehicle that was in the parking lot to announce their presence.

Prosecutors say three of the eight sheriff deputies were injured after Trujillo started firing multiple rounds through his apartment door as they attempted to enter.

Trujillo says he didn't know the individuals trying to enter his place were law enforcement, "all of a sudden I was using the bathroom, weird coincidence, I flushed the toilet so it was loud so I couldn't hear." Trujillo went on to say, "the door was shut, I hear loud banging."

Yuma County Superior Court Judge John Nelson interrupted Trujillo and asked "well there's no question you fired 8 shots through the front door." Trujillo then replied, "yes your honor." Judge Nelson then asked "and injured these officers correct?" Trujillo responded "yes."

Trujillo plead guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault.

Per his plea agreement, probation is not available to Trujillo, he must pay full restitution, and the multiple counts against him will be served concurrent with each other when it comes to sentencing.

Judge Nelson said "The range of sentencing being a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 15 years and you're aware there's a stipulation that you'll be sentenced to an aggravated term of 15 years as to all these counts." He then asked Trujillo is he was aware of that and if he accepted it and Trujillo agreed.

Trujillo will be sentenced next month.

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