Yuma Regional Medical Center ups Patient Care Electronically

Yuma Regional Medical Center ups Patient Care Electronically


YUMA, AZ - After 54 years and a 7 year process Yuma Regional Medical Center has improved patient care with electronic health records.

The hospital announced they officially went live just after 6 Tuesday morning with their new electronic patient records system, "YRMC Care."

Dr. Judi Binderman, YRMC's Interim Chief Medical Information Officer says while we don't have the information on an individual today if their in the hospital we are growing that data base about that patient so more and more providers who continue to care for that patients over time will have that information and we will not need to start all over again."

Gene Shaw, the hospitals Information Technology and CIO as well as the architect behind getting the new system up and running for YRMC says the biggest benefit of going electronic is patient safety and the elimination of hand writing. He says "With a computer entry it's all eliminated. So, we no longer have to figure out where the decimals point is on a medication prescription or what the vital sign was I wrote down."

Shaw also says YRMC care has its own artificial intelligence. He says "If I'm on a particular medication and a physician orders another medication that might interact with one I'm on an alert pops up and stops the physician and asks the physician this might interact with what the patients taking, do you want to proceed?"

In terms of your private information being safely guarded the new system has a number of mechanisms from passwords and user names to strict protocols. Shaw says "We believe the technology we have implemented is actually more secure than paper."

In addition to YRMC celebrating the launch of their new system a local family is also celebrating. Tidal Casteell Sharples was born just before 6:30 this morning at 7 pounds 14 ounces and is the first baby to have the electronic health record.

The new parents, Frank and Frances Sharples say they didn't expect to go down in history, but it made the birth of their son more special. Frank says, "Knowing their going to have little video clips and papers to remember and so saving those things and saying this was you 20 years ago, this is what you did and who you were a part of is neat. It may not seem like anything because everyone will be electronic by then but you were the first."

YRMC says the $73 Million investment is the largest the hospital has ever made, but they can't put a price on patient care.


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