Harvest Prep Academy goes over lock down protocol

Harvest Prep Academy goes over lock down protocol

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Yuma, AZ--Harvest Preparatory Academy school officials said they were under lock down at 10 a.m. after a call came in from the Yuma Police Department about a shooting suspect on the loose.

School officials said staff members went door to door telling everybody they were under lock down.

They made sure hallways were clear and teachers locked the doors to their classrooms.

Children were kept away from doors and windows. Also they check all perimeters and all gates are closed.

School officials said they remained on lock down for about an hour.

They said throughout the whole day nobody was allowed to get on or off campus without permission.

One parent said he's confident his kids are safe at school.

"I see a lot of people trying to protect the whole school and I think that pretty good," Jesus Hernandez said.

School officials said Harvest Prep has a community emergency response team and practices for situations like this.

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