Yuma non-profit Sees spike in employers wanting to hire

Yuma non-profit Sees spike in employers wanting to hire


Yuma, AZ - Yuma's latest unemployment figures show nearly one in four are out of work.  "It's Hard to find a job in Yuma," says Angel Martinz, a Yuma Resident looking for employment.  

But the Yuma Private Industry Council tells News 13 they have seen a drastic increase in help wanted.  

"We had 123 job orders that came into the career center and I went back and looked at the same time last year and we had only 44 job orders, so it has almost tripled," says Patrick Goetz with YPIC. 

 Martinz says he's at the YPIC center seeking a second job. Currently he is a student at AWC and works part time for FedEx ground.  He says he needs a full time job to help make ends meet. 

"We all got bills to pay, the economy hit Yuma hard, but YPIC is a good place to start, it's step one.  YPIC is for everyone, of all different skill levels and educational backgrounds. They help people find the jobs they are qualified for.

Goetz with YPIC says the process of applying for jobs is quick and easy. 

"It's as simple as walking in, getting registered, there is no cost. We just ask for people to get registered in the state and that's there ticket to get services at YPIC," says Goetz. 

Aside from YPIC being a place to look for a job they say they can also help people get the job. 

"A lot of job seekers come in and if we start to see that they're having a hard time finding employment then there might be another problem. So we offer work shops, and resume work shops and tell them about the hidden job market. If they still have problems there might be other work that needs to be done," says Goetz. 

For more information visit: http://www.ypic.com/

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