Yuma mother and daughter both reach graduation milestone

Yuma mother and daughter both reach graduation milestone

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Yuma, AZ--Diana Robnett and her daughter Maya shared the same joy among the hundreds of graduates who reached a milestone tonight

"It was an amazing experience to watch my daughter grow and learn and also we took classes together. We took zumba together and belly-dancing. We got to have lunches together," Diana Robnett said.

"I feel closer to my mother for having to gone to college with her and walking the line. This is just the end of the tunnel," Maya Springhawk Robnett said. "Its finally here. We're done."

Diana graduates from the nursing program and Maya as an art major.

Diana felt it was difficult to get in the habit of studying, taking notes and catching up on technology but her daughter, who was home schooled until college helped her mom.

"I was her tech support," Maya said.

Maya's mother said you're never too old to go back to school. She said she hopes she serves as inspiration to those wanting to pursue a higher education.

She certainly inspired her daughter who was only 14 when she followed in her mom footsteps.

And she's learned great things from her.

"I think it would be her ambition and her stubbornness. Her need to achieve," Maya said.

But Diana said she couldn't do it alone.

"My faith in the lord, my parents stood by me the whole time and course my daughter," Diana said. "She was an inspiration to me."

Diana said she plans to pursue her Bachelor's at Grand Canyon University.

Maya said she got accepted into Northern Arizona University honors program where she plans to get her Bachelor's in History.


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