McCabe Elementary School Students Name Border Patrol Mustang

McCabe Elementary School Students Name Border Patrol Mustang


IMPERIAL VALLEY, CA - Students at McCabe Elementary School lining up Tuesday morning to meet Dusty, the newest member of the El Centro Sector Border Patrol's Horse Unit.

These 2nd graders may be small in size, but they had a big responsibility in naming one of the U.S. Border Patrol's newest mustangs.

The one stipulation the border patrol had for the students was the name had to represent Imperial Valley. After days of pondering and coming up with various names for the newly acquired mustang students agreed on Dusty whose full name is Dust Devil.

Carleigh Ashurst the 7-year-old responsible for the voted in name says it just makes sense. She says "since it's going to be in the desert and there's dust in the desert that's how his name came to be dusty."

McCabe Elementary School Principal Laura Dubee says it was an honor for students to collaborate with local border patrol. She says "2nd graders definitely have an emphasis and curriculum on animals and they are all animal lovers so to actually get the privilege of naming the new mustang it's an honor. It's a great day."

El Centro Border Patrol Agent Jores Peters says Dusty came from an area out in the planes on one of the state prisons in Colorado where he was trained. He says after Dusty finished his training he was assigned to the border patrol where we continue his training and now he will actually be patrolling all along our border."

Border patrol says the end result of having a mustang unit is it's a significant cost saving to tax payers and a minimal impact on protected wilderness public and tribal lands.



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