Yuma Snake Alert: Tips to Avoid a Snake Bite this Summer

Yuma Snake Alert: Tips to Avoid a Snake Bite this Summer

Rattle Snake Rattle Snake
California King Snake California King Snake

YUMA, AZ - Warmer Temperatures bring out the Snakes.

If the heat wasn't enough. Rattle and California King Snakes are also one more thing Yuma residents must watch out for this summer season. Experts say we cannot really remove ourselves from a snake filled area since we do live in a climate that they also live in, but Yuma Animal control say there are some things you need to do avoid getting bit. They suggest you try not to throw items at them, or try to pick a snake up when you see one.

Most common snakes found this time of year are Rattle and California king snakes. There are close to three hundred to four hundred bites reported a year in Arizona. Hand bites are more common than ankle bites since people try to pick them up when they see one.

If you do happen to get bit by one. Experts say seek medical attention immediately. In some cases a bite can result in death if not treated, but all could be avoided if you just leave the snake alone and avoid confronted it.

Although there are not many reported cases of death from a result of a bite, Yuma Animal control say its best to take precaution to avoid a trip to the hospital.   

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