Dogs Helping Patients at Yuma Regional Cancer Center

Dogs Helping Patients at Yuma Regional Cancer Center


YUMA, AZ – Tail Wagging friends working for a great cause in the Desert Southwest.

Like their master Dr. Brenda Caroll, they serve a big purpose in helping treat patients at Yuma Regional Cancer Center as pet therapy dogs.

Dr. Caroll, who works at YRMC's Cancer Center says "They go into the rooms with me if the patients would like to see them and they also go into the chemo therapy room to give some puppy love."

Paris Hilton, a Shitzu and Remy Martin, a Papillion received their certification through pet partners in February. Dr. Caroll says evidence based studies show that animals around patients decreases stress, blood pressure, and depression.

She tells News 13, "I've had one lady that was very stressed and very scared initially when she started her chemo and now when she comes she asks to see the dogs. She's much more relaxed and doing better, I think better overall than she would have been without the dogs."

As cute as Paris and Remey are they had to go through a number of qualifications in order to be pet therapy dogs. Dr. Caroll says the dogs had to be able to understand and perform basic commands and go through artificial scenarios with a lot of noise and people, but they passed with flying colors.

 Dr. Caroll says the dogs not only brighten the spirits of the patients, but the staff too.



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