US citizenship and immigration services accept online applicatio

US citizenship and immigration services accept online applications

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San Luis, AZ--U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services created a user-friendly system to streamline the application process for immigration benefit seekers and their legal representatives.

Its expected to be cut back on the waiting time and money for those using it.

With just a click of your mouse inside the comfort of your own home, individuals who want to extend or change their immigrant status in the U.S. may now do so.

"It's better than spending the time and money to go to offices because having Internet in your own home, you'll be able to do everything there," Manuel Osicawa said.

"I think its very beneficial because you don't have to go out and just stay home without having to delay your errands," Laura Ortiz said.

The USCIS recently launched the electronic immigration system.

The system is in phase one in which applicants can file form I-539, the application to extend/change non-immigrant status.

Officials said the web site provides improved customer service, shorter processing times and enhanced tools to combat fraud and safeguard national security.

Eligible individuals include foreign citizens who travel to the U.S. to temporarily to study, conduct business, receive medical treatment or visit on vacation.

The agency will release the system in multiple phases in order to smooth out any possible kinks within the system.

It will also allow the agency to smooth the transition to electronic filing over time and retain a paper filing option for customers.

"It does have its risks because sometimes some people may not know how to use the Internet," Ortiz said. "and you could do something wrong and it'll hurt you in the end."

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