YRMC's Electronic Health Care Improves Patient Care & Pharmacy

YRMC's Electronic Health Care Improves Patient Care & Pharmacy


YUMA, AZ - Since saying good bye to paper records Yuma Regional Medical Center's Electronic Health Record System called YRMC Care is in full swing and doing better than ever says hospital management.

Gene Shaw the Information Technology VP and Chief Information Officer at YRMC says "If you look at the metric that looks at how many physicians are entering orders through the system in the first 5 weeks we've achieved a level that organizations who have been doing this for five six years would die for."

Shaw says YRMC Care is still a learning process, but has greatly improved the hospitals ability to find patient information quickly.

The Pharmacy Director, Tom Vanhassel says since going live with electronic records the enhanced bar code system greatly benefits patients.

He says "It gets us access to the chart immediately. Were able to see the entire patient's data and look at their lab values, as well as look at their drug interactions as soon as the doctor puts the order in. So, we can respond before there is any potential chance for an error."

Vanhassel says access to the patient's records isn't the only positive change. He says it has increased speed. He tells News 13, "Before H-R-C I can tell you not one order was processed by the pharmacy with in 10 minutes. Now our average is slightly better than 9 minutes for all orders." He also says in a typical hospital setting the pharmacy deals with thousands of doses a day, and with the new enhanced barcode system it allows them to work 100% accurately."

Vanhassel says the enhanced bar coding is vital because it is the final check in the process and the point where the nurse gets ready to administer the medication to the patient. He says "It makes sure what the doctor ordered what the pharmacist verified and what the nurse intends to administer is actually the correct thing and correct for the patient."

YRMC officials say as they move forward with the new system training will continue to be available to physicians, nurses and staff.


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