Teenage Boy Remains in Critical Condition after Nearly Drowning

Teenage Boy Remains in Critical Condition after Nearly Drowning in Colorado River.

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  YUMA, AZ - It was a calm day at the Colorado River today, but it was a different scene Wednesday afternoon when two toddlers and one teenager went out for a swim and found themselves nearly drowning.

It happened just before 5 p.m. When paramedics arrived at the scene they found the 17 year old boy faced down at the bottom of the River.  

Junior de Jesus Salamanca was swimming with the two children. When he saw them struggling in the water that is when he tried to save them but found himself struggling against the Colorado River's current as well. 

Crowds gathered around as the paramedics fought to save the 17-year-old boy. A witness says he noticed two toddlers drifting and not swimming. He then rescued the two kids but didn't realize there was a third. "This kid is really in bad shape he come drifting down all the way to here what about a city block under water the whole way. I hope he makes it." Says, Mike Colberg.  

The teen was transported to the Yuma Regional Medical Center and later flown to Phoenix Children's Hospital Parents nearby say the incident frightened them.  "That something like this can happen is really scary." Says, Melissa Kujala. 

The Yuma Fire Department warns people to call for help and avoid trying to jump in and save someone unless you are properly trained to do so.

"People attempting rescues need to be very conscious of the conditions rather than there first impulse to go out and get somebody." Says Mike Erfert.    

The Yuma Fire Depart also says never to use a water floating toy as a saving device.    


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