Local Military Hero Comes Home

Local Military Hero Comes Home

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YUMA, AZ - It was a morning filled with smiles and cheers Thursday, as many awaited the arrival of Sergeant Ernesto Ramirez.

Ramirez, was wounded while serving in Afghanistan and spent some time recovering in a Texas hospital, before he was able to return to his home in Yuma.    

Friends and family gathered at Yuma International Airport near Terminal 5, and waited to see Ernesto walk through terminal doors. Signs and posters with messages of love and support filled the area. Friends of Ramirez along with members of the military stood by to await his entrance.  When  he finally made his way inside, the sound of the crowds cheers and claps filled the Terminal.  Ernesto's parents say they couldn't be happier.       

 ‘'It is beyond excitement its, beyond words.'' Says Ernesto's Mother, Maria Urias.                    

"We are glad he is coming home. We are sorry that he is coming home injured, but still we are just happy.''  Says, Ernesto's father.      

Ernesto says while in Afghanistan he accidentally stepped on a grenade. He says he ran for cover when he found out the grenade was set off, injuring his left eye was which made him lose a little bit of his vision.   

 Ramirez was then sent to a Texas hospital to recover, but now that he's back home he says he couldn't be happier.

"All I was just wondering if I was going to be picked up on time. I didn't expect this. Thank you."

 Fellow Military members say today was a well deserved welcome, for a young man who endured so much overseas. 

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