Wellton Police investigate Illegal killing of Javelinas & more

Wellton Police investigate Illegal killing of Javelinas & more


Wellton, AZ- Several javalinas illegally shot and left dead in Tacna, has the Arizona Game and Fish and the Wellton Police department teaming up in effort to find the people responsible. 

After being tipped off, the two agencies executed a search warrant Thursday morning at a home on the 10-thousand block of Dome Street. Wellton police say the investigation also revealed a possible dog fighting ring with the possibility of the same participants involved in both incidents.

Police say they detained 21-year old Daniel Quiroz for a short time during the search.  They say a video was found that shows evidence of dog fighting with an audience looking on.

"Dog fighting is a crime, we have to protect the safety of our community and our animals so were not going to let anyone injure of abuse animals," says Sergeant David Rodriguez with the Wellton Police Department.  

One of the dogs from the video was found at the residence, police say the pit bull had several scars but is doing well, they left the dog in the custody of a relative.  

Police also say they found evidence showing Quiroz may have killed a barn owl and other wildlife illegally.  

"Now the owls, there is no season to hunt them, they were just shooting owls for the fun of it, but with javelina and rabbits you need to have a license to hunt and shoot them," says Sergeant Rodriguez. 

Police were unable to connect the poaching of the javalinas to Quiroz but say they're still investigating. 

"We did seize two .22 caliber riffles from the residence and we are going to test the ballistics to see if it matches the ones found on the javelinas," says Sergeant Rodriguez.

Police ask for anyone with information to contact them.

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