News 13's Marie Hamill gets tested for HIV: you should too!

News 13's Marie Hamill gets tested for HIV: you should too !


Yuma, AZ- Dozens came out today to find out their HIV/AIDS status. I decided to go through the process to learn about what it is like as well.

There is a concern, we do have a good number of individuals that test positive for HIV. It's important for people of all ages to get tested. Everybody needs to be aware," says Amanda Aguirre with the Regional Center for Border Health.

In honor of national HIV testing day, Back to the Basics and the Regional Center for Border Health put on an event at the Yuma Art Center to promote awareness. Today they were offering free HIV testing.

Testing these days is much easier than ever. All they did was prick my finger and put a drop of blood into what they call a stat pak. It takes about 15 minuets to process and I found out I am negative.

"It's something that we continue to do throughout Yuma County and in our service area to bring awareness of the importance of educating ourselves of the danger of HIV/AIDS and to be cautious if you are engaging in risky behavior because it's something that can happen,"says Aguirre.

Back to the Basics says one of the problems facing today's society is the belief that  is HIV/AIDS is yesterdays news.

They say HIV/AIDS is a problem here in the Desert Southwest and people should be aware of what they can do to avoid contracting the disease.

"Being near the Border is a high risk environment, people have a higher chance of getting HIV, says Peggy Owens with Back to the Basics Please.

Both non-profits have booths with literature and are offering free kits to promote safe sex.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the mobil unit today. you can head to the Regional Center for Border Health Walk in Clinics Mon-Fri.  

For more information please visit - or



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