Mexican Shoppers Give San Luis a Boost

Mexican Shoppers Give San Luis a Boost


   SAN LUIS, AZ - They come and they go, but not before dropping a ton of money into the San Luis economy.   Mexican shoppers are crossing the border and spending millions in the town's shops and restaurants.

   "We do have an influx of shoppers from Mexico and I mean we're talking about big numbers. We're talking about last year approximately 2 million visitors," says Judith Hoyos of the San Luis Chamber of Commerce.

   The visitors are spending so much, the proposed budget for San Luis in the 2012-2013 fiscal year is $47.6 million dollars. That's up about five-percent from last year.

   The money is good news for many in San Luis. City workers will get their first pay raise in six years, three-percent if the budget passes as proposed.

   Also in the budget, new patrol cars for San Luis police and three additional officers.

   "Police and fire departments ... Those are departments again, you never have too many employees. They're always in need. Public safety is definitely on the list … here in San Luis, " says Karin Meza, PIO for the City of San Luis.

   But not everyone is getting extra funding in the proposed budget. In fact, there are several cuts. Among them, a 50-percent slash in city funding to the San Luis Chamber of Commerce.

   "It will kill us. It will kill us. Probably, we'll be able to function for another year, year and a half with what we already have plus what comes in.," says Judith Hoyos, Executive Director of the San Luis Chamber of Commerce.

     Karin Meza didn't want to comment on the cuts included in the present proposal. She stressed that the budget is still tentative and probably won't get final approval until the end of the month.

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