Feds Continue to investigate San Luis Smuggling Tunnel

Feds Continue to investigate San Luis Smuggling Tunnel


SAN LUIS AZ - U.S. Border patrol remains on scene Monday at a San Luis Strip mall where a smuggling tunnel was discovered.

While News 13 was there we saw them bringing in fans that could be for ventilation while they continue their investigation.

According to a news release from Mexican authorities underneath the normal looking shopping center is a tunnel about 60 feet deep, 755 feet long, 4 feet tall and just over 3 feet wide.

They say the tunnel was used to traffic drugs, money, weapons and even people. They say it was a sophisticated operation with electricity, lights and even a train like system used to pull the illegal cargo through the tunnel on wheels.

The property owner of the strip mall on Archibald Street tells news 13 he was shocked to find federal agents and the police surrounding the property.

Many of the business owners next door didn't want to go on camera but told News 13" When you talk about a tunnel or drugs or something like that it's a scary situation because you don't know the people your dealing with."

The DEA In Phoenix is Heading the investigation on the U.S. side. Currently, they say they are still processing the passage way and have active components they are still working on.



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