Summer Heat claims life of a Somerton Man

Summer Heat claims life of a Somerton Man


Somerton, AZ - This is sad story because maybe it didn't have to happen.

A spokes person from the Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department says an elderly Somerton man was transported to the Yuma Regional Medical due to a heat related emergency Wednesday night.

Paramedics tried all they could to cool him down but he died Thursday.

"When paramedics arrived they found a 72-year old man in a back room unresponsive. When they walked into the house they noticed the temperature of the home was over 100 degrees and it was even hard for the fire fighters to breath in the house," Says Robby Rodriguez with the Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department.

This is the street located on the 3300 Block of West Mandarina Street where the man lived. They say the victim had working air conditioning but for reasons they do not know, he didn't use it.

They have not release the exact address or his name.

In a separate incident SCFD says they received a call Wednesday afternoon regarding a 37-year old man who had been working outside at the West Cocopah Reservation.

"He was feeling very ill and was having a heat related emergency. So when we got there he was having seizures, we had to put him in an ambulance and started cooling him down and getting him the fluids, we brought him to the hospital so he could get the treatment he needed," says Rodriguez.

He was treated at YRMC and released.

"When the temperature outside is over 100 and it is very humid, once you sweat out all the fluid in your body you begin to cramp and your organs shut down. It's really important that people stay hydrated," says Rodriguez.

SCFD says hot weather can trigger a variety of medical emergencies even for healthy people.

They recommend for people to take it easy during extremely high temperatures, drink extra fluids and avoid alcoholic beverages.

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