Storm Causes Flooding In Yuma and Imperial Valley

Storm Causes Flooding In Yuma and Imperial Valley


Yuma, AZ -The clean up continues after a storm Friday, creates lots of flooding, in Yuma and throughout the Imperial Valley. Highway 95 from Quartzsite to Yuma had a lot of areas of flooding as washes started running from the heavy rains.

Street lights and traffic lights were also out on several intersections in the city. On Saturday morning,  several areas remained flooded and some businesses had to close in order to clean up.

The parking lot at the post office located on 4th Avenue was flooded with standing water Saturday and cars had to drive around the water to avoid going through it. 

One of the worst flooded areas was in Winterhaven California. Crews worked all day to remove water that was blocking several roads. The storm even caused a storm drain pipe to wash away.

"Several places in Winterhaven were flooded and roads were backed up, we had medical aid sent out and we had power outages behind Paradise casino." Says Steven Taylor, with The    Winterhaven Fire Department.       

Sand bags were put up by some residents in an effort to keep the water out. Blocked and flooded roads near one Neighborhood forced residents to stay indoors. 

"When the rain first started falling we didn't think it was going to be that bad but when it came down it got so flooded we couldn't get make it out to the store or anywhere "Says Phelina Roosevelt.

According to Arizona Public Service, homes in two areas in Yuma were without power. 2nd Avenue, to 12th street and Avenue B to Avenue A as well.

KSWT was also without power for several hours Friday night.

An Arizona Public Service spokesman says power was restored  by Saturday. 




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