Yuma Union High School District's New Learning Initiative

Yuma Union High School District's New Learning Initiative


YUMA, AZ - Whether in a job or in the class room, Ready Now Yuma, a new and unique initiative to learning is preparing students for a bright future after graduation.

Frank Nunez with the Yuma Union High School District says, "We do that through embedding a high expectations curriculum for every student entering this year in both 9th and 10th grade." Nunez says, the new method utilizes the Cambridge curriculum which is an aligned educational system to prepare students for college.

The Cambridge curriculum is taught in various school districts but what makes it unique to Yuma is it's offered to every student opposed to a small group of students. Nunez says, "Regardless of any post secondary aspirations we expect the Cambridge curriculum along with Ready now Yuma to prepare every student to graduate from high school and enter a university and not have the need to take any remedial courses or enter into the job force and be ready to enter the career of choice."

Nunez says, the district decided to implement the new curriculum after studies showed that at a rate of 60% of those students who graduated from high school and went on to a university had to take a remedial course. He says "So if their first English course is English 101 they have to take English 95 or if their first math course was college algebra they had to take Intermediate Algebra."

Nunez also says the unique approach doesn't just focus on math and reading to pass the AIMS test but narrows in on a deeper learning method.  He says, "The Cambridge and Ready Now Yuma focus heavily on writing the ability to think critically and the ability to take content and have the capacity to analyze it for value."


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