Arizona Gives Out School Grades

Arizona Gives Out School Grades


YUMA, AZ - Arizona schools are finding out who makes the grade as the Arizona Department of Education releases Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standard, or AIMS, test results. State schools did slightly better this year than last. But Yuma, in general, didn't measure up to other state schools' overall performances.

Twenty-three percent of state schools got a grade of "A" while in Yuma, only 11 percent got the highest mark.

Yuma did have more grades of "B" however, topping Arizona schools'  34 percent by two points at 36 percent.

Fifty-three percent of Yuma county traditional schools got grades of "C" or lower, while statewide, that number was 43 percent.

   John Huppenthal is Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction. He says the grades depend on a number of factors.

"It's not just the school; it's the home life too. The time you spend reading with your child, the amount of time you spend doing mathematics, the homework, your involvement going down to the school and talking to the teachers to make sure you have a coordinated approach. All of those things bring it all together," says Huppenthal.

The city of Yuma is home to dozens of schools. One of the schools getting an "A" from the state is "Alice Byrne Elementary School.

In math, the students at Alice Byrne beat the statewide pass rate by nearly 20 percentage points.

Seventy-eight percent of the students met or exceeded state standards for math.

In the reading test, 84 percent of the Alice Byrne students passed, compared to 77 percent statewide.

In the writing section of the test, 57 percent of students passed statewide. At Alice Byrne, that number was 64 percent.

And in science, 60 percent of Arizona's students passed, compared to 70 percent at Alice Byrne.

Not all of the grades were good in Yuma. Yuma High School received a "D" from the state.   They fell well below the state passing rate in all four subjects of the AIMS test, most notably in math and in science.

Only 22 percent passed the math section at Yuma High School, and just 18 percent passed the science section. More than half failed the reading test.

An interesting trend: all six A's given to Yuma County traditional schools were given to elementary schools. All of the "D's" went to middle, junior and high schools.

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