Wellton man arrested for trying to cash fraudulent check

Wellton man arrested for trying to cash fraudulent check

John Wayne Kleisdorff John Wayne Kleisdorff

WELLTON, AZ- A Wellton man has been arrested on fraud charges.

The Wellton Police Department says John Wayne Kleisdorff was arrested Tuesday trying to cash a fraudulent check at the Del Sol Market located on Los Angeles Avenue.

They say the check was drawn on a closed account of a business located in Texas for a substantial amount.

Wellton police say Kleisdorff allegedly cashed a similar check less than two weeks ago from a different bank and a different company located in South Carolina.

In addition to fraud, Kleisdorff faces additional charges including forgery and theft.

Kleisdorff will go before a judge Wednesday morning.

Wellton Police Department Sgt. David Rodriguez states "This case is unfortunate in that the alleged suspect may in fact be a victim of a crime as well and suffered a loss of property, the problem is he cashed a check that was easily identified as bogus and he really should have checked further before doing so considering the amount of loss involved".

Sgt. Rodriguez said that the Wellton Police Department has seen a significant increase in cases involving fraud and counterfeited checks, money orders, and credit card fraud over the last few months.

He said that the police department has a number of similar cases that are actively being investigated and no one is safe.

The Wellton Police Department would like to remind citizens to be vigilant and aware of their transactions at stores and other places, technology has made it easy to obtain credit card, bank account, or other information that allows criminals to continue committing these types of offenses.


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