Yuma Gets $144K Federal Grant for Hotel Del Sol

Yuma Gets $144K Federal Grant for Hotel Del Sol


   YUMA, AZ - The City of Yuma has been given a $144,000 federal grant for initial planning and design work to repurpose the Hotel del Sol.

   It sits on the corner of 3rd and Gila Streets, as it has since 1927.

   Next to the train tracks and nestled downtown, the Hotel del Sol may have a new future as a transportation hub, a jumping off point for people coming and going in Yuma, whether it be by train or bus.

   "It's really important to bring back these historic buildings and give them a new use and lease in life for the future because as long as they sit empty, they're very vulnerable and the best way to preserve an historic building is to have a use in it," says Kevin Eatherly, Project Manager for the City of Yuma.

   In 1993, Hollywood had a use for the landmark. The Hotel del Sol was used to portray an El Paso hotel in the movie "The Getaway," starring Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger.

   Now, the city is planning the hotel's next incarnation. The plan is likely to include restoring most of the existing architecture, and transforming the first floor into a multi-modal hub where people can buy train or bus tickets ... possibly grabbing a bite to eat while waiting for their rides.

   Even through the dust and the darkness, the building still has features to spark one's imagination to the possibilities. Possibilities the City of Yuma can now begin to explore.  

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