Keeping pets safe in the heat

Keeping pets safe in the heat


IMPERIAL COUNTY - Humans aren't the only ones being affected by the heat wave in the desert southwest, our pets are just as exposed to the dangers as we are. 

Like the rest of the desert southwest, Imperial Valley is under an excessive heat warning until Friday night. Chances are, the weekend will also be a bit warm. 

Like us, our pets are just as vulnerable to dehydration or even heat stroke from the extreme temperatures. 

More and more animals are showing up at the Imperial Valley Humane Society during these hot summer days. Mal-nurtured, dehydrated or simply abandoned, the animals face an uphill battle to full recovery. 

Between the economy and the heat, the humane society has seen plenty of animals come in bad shape. With so many families going away for the summer, elsewhere, Imperial Valley pets are sometimes left without water, food or someone to watch them.

The humane society does what it can to help get the animals back on their feet, but according to IVHS Manager, Devon Apodoca, all this can be avoided if pet owners followed a couple of simple tips. 

"The best thing to do during the summer is to keep animals indoors, but I know that that's not realistic for everybody", says Apodoca. "Always make sure you have fresh food, water and plenty of shade". 

One of the biggest tips that Devon preached was not leaving pets in the car in the heat. The temperature rises in the car and could cause animals to quickly dehydrate or if left inside a long time, die. 

Devon enjoys what he does. He says that he is gracious to be there when animals are in need, "It makes me feel really good to know that I can be the voice for those that don't have a voice."

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