Temporary fixture set at collapsed border fence in Andrade

Temporary fixture set at collapsed border fence in Andrade

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Yuma--U.S. Border Patrol officials said they are still discussing the most innovative and most efficient way to repair the section of border fence which collapsed near the Algodones Port of Entry.

A chain link fence was placed alongside the border fence as a temporary fixture.

"That is not necessarily for border security but for the public safety as well," Agent Enrique Zarate, spokesman for U.S. Border Patrol Yuma Sector said. "But we do want to let the American public know that we have agents on scene. We deployed additional assets as well as technology."

They also added structural support along the border fence to prevent other sections from falling down.

"As engineers begin looking at the fence they're still in the assessment process as to how exactly is the best way to repair the fence," he said. "but as they're going thru that process they have not given us an estimated time or cost to rebuild that section of the fence."

Last month, a construction company was excavating near the fence which caused about 114 feet of border fence to topple over.

An anonymous source close to the project tells us they specifically warned the company to not to dig so close to the border fence but they went ahead anyway.

"At this time we have not seen an increase in activity in that particular area," Zarate said. "Normal traffic patterns of activity in that area still continue to be an issue there."

Multiple calls made to the Attorney General's Office of Mexico were not returned to confirm reports of charges against the construction company who excavated near the fence.

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