Harvest Prep Begins School Year with Earned Accreditation

Harvest Prep Begins School Year with Earned Accreditation


YUMA, AZ - Harvest Preparatory Academy students kick off their school year with a newly earned AdvancedED Accreditation.

Harvest Preparatory Academy Founder, Dr. Mario Ybarra, says "This means that when a student graduates from this school or transfers to this school  or to any other high school that there is no discrepancy or discrimination regarding the transcript review. That we are fully accredited now regionally, nationally, and internationally."

Dr. Ybarra says the accreditation demonstrates to their students parents and the community that they are focused on raising student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment and maintaining an efficient and effective operation staffed by highly qualified educators.

Harvest Preparatory Academy says the accreditation wasn't easy but they are the first public school in Yuma County to have such an achievement." Dr. Ybarra says the academy earned the accreditation from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, an accreditation division of AdvanceEd.

He says it was a rigorous process, but after two years of preparation they were granted the accreditation in May and officially received it in June. Dr. Ybarra says "5% of the accredited schools that are accredited are fully accredited on the first time and we were one of the 5%."Dr. Ybarra also says it is just another endorsement that gives charter schools a strong hold or real foot print in American Education.

Kirsten Baker, a 1st Grade Teacher at Harvest Preparatory Academy says it's a great achievement because it's nice for the students and family to know this is a life long learning process from kindergarten all the way through high school. She says "All of the standards for reading will build on each other so it's nice that it's a continuous process and then at the end of it the student will be prepared and ready to go off for college and universities."

After a decade of service to the community Harvest Preparatory Academy says the new accreditation really puts them on the map.


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