San Luis Border Is Ready ... for the Ready Lane!

San Luis Border Is Ready ... for the Ready Lane!


   SAN LUIS, AZ - The next time you cross the San Luis border into the United States, you might want to use the Ready Lanes.

   The new border crossing feature uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to put prepared motorists in the fast lane.

   Teresa Small is a Public Information Officer for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

    "Ready Lane is a dedicated lane for those who have radio frequency identification type documents," explains Small.

    Ready Lane is available to anyone with the following RFID technologies:

     * a U.S.  passport card, which is not the same as a traditional passport book,

     * a new U.S. permanent resident "green card,"

     * a trusted traveler card, like a SENTRI or Global Entry Card,

     * a new border crossing card, like the laser visa, OR

     * an enhanced driver's license, which is not currently offered in Arizona.

    For now, Ready Lane is a one-way feature.

   "This is solely entering the country. And right now we will be having one lane specifically open between 6 in the morning until midnight. And depending if we get enough people who are regular RFID-type document holders, then we could actually add more lanes to this ready lane program," says Teresa Small.

   RFID scanning has existed for some time, but now people who use the technology can maximize its main reward: shorter wait times at the U.S./Mexico border.

   All lanes are capable of supporting RFID-traffic. LED-signs above the lanes will tell motorists which lanes are ready lanes.

   Border crossing officials hope to get the word out, so more people will get RFID documentation and help move border traffic along more quickly.

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