Yuma Sheriff's: Pay Attention on School Road Rule or Pay Fine

Yuma Sheriff's: Pay Attention on School Road Rule or Pay Fine


YUMA, AZ - School is back in session, and it pays to obey the rules of the road.

Lieutenant Darren Simmons of the Yuma County Sheriff's Office offers this advice when in a school zone.

"Pay attention to your school zones. The speed limits are there for a reason. If you have kids in the crosswalk, make sure you stop and allow them to cross," says Lt. Simmons.

If you don't, be prepared to cough up some cash. The fine for a school zone violation is $480, plus a $20 court processing fee.

Beyond school zones, drivers still need to remain vigilant.

"When you're in residential areas, do pay attention to the bus stops. Where ever you see a lot of kids congregating, they have a tendency to kind of play and horse around, and may end up out in the street, throwing a football or something. But just pay attention whenever you see a lot of kids around. Slow it down, be safe, and watch out for them," advises Lt. Simmons.

Also remember, for the next nine months, we share the road with school busses.

"School buses that you see stopped with their lights flashing, remember you cannot pass them  when their lights are flashing whether you're coming up behind them or approaching them from the front. You have to stop and wait for those lights to go off, then you can proceed," says Lt. Simmons.

Failure to yield properly to a school bus can also cost you a $480 fine plus a $20 court fee.    So if you don't want to pay a big fine, just slow down … and pay attention instead.

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