Brawley Schools Resumes Tuesday following Sunday Quakes

Brawley Schools Resumes Tuesday following Sunday Quakes

Courtesy: Barbara Worth Jr. High Employees and Staff Courtesy: Barbara Worth Jr. High Employees and Staff

BRAWLEY, CA - The Brawley School District suffers from a variety of damage caused by a swarm of earthquakes Sunday and hundreds of aftershocks since.

Ronald Garcia the Brawley School District Superintendent tells News 13 "There is minor damage. We had ceiling tiles fall down, we've had equipment damage turned over and we had a lot of cosmetic damage."

Superintendent Garcia says they started initial inspections Sunday night until dark at all five of the districts schools and resumed again Monday morning. He says "We hired a structural engineer to come give us assistance and make sure all the buildings are inspected again."

A private meeting was held today at the district office to discuss the extent of damage at the school and to determine if school will resume on Tuesday.  Of all five schools in the district Barbara Worth Jr. High School has suffered the most structural damage and maintenance continues to clean up for repairs.

Garcia says their biggest concern and priority is to make sure students, staff and employees are safe before starting the new school year. He says "We want to make sure when our kids come back that the parents and community have the assurance that the buildings are safe. We have confidence that everyone knows the earthquake drills and we practice those each year. So, we feel very confident once we start school they will be safe."

Garcia tells News 13 the district and city officials decided Monday evening school will resume on Tuesday.

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