Former Co-worker of the Slain Yuma Doctor gives testimony

Former Co-worker of the Slain Yuma Doctor gives testimony


Yuma, AZ - It's day 16 of the Preston Strong Trial and Dana Lopez took the stand. She testified she worked with Dr. Satinder Gill at the Desert Heart Vascular Center in Yuma. She remembers receiving several strange calls on the day Dr.Gill was Murdered.

Lopez testified she was working on the afternoon of November 1st of 2007. She said she received a call from Dr. Gill requesting a $30,000 dollar check. She said she was concerned and contacted Dr. Sudheer Gogte the owner of the Desert Heart Vascular Center to alert him that something was possibly wrong.

She testified Dr.Gill called her again and told her he was joking about the money request and said Dr. Gogte's wife Robin put him up to it. The defense wanted to know more about Dr. Gills demeanor before his death.

Lopez testified Dr. Gill had been acting unusual the whole week before he was murdered. She said Dr. Gogte and his wife who also worked with them were going through a divorce.

She testified the divorce was affecting everyone emotionally at the office, including Dr. Gill.

The prosecution objected to the information regarding the Goete divorce due to relevancy.

The defense disagreed, Yuma County Public Defender Kristi Riggins said the government is ignoring critical information regarding this case.

"They have discarded all of this other information that could have led them to possibly finding the killer and they are exclusively focusing on our client," said Riggins.

Riggins said she believes the defense has the right to show there were other things going on at the time like the Goete divorce and the unusual financial situation the couple was in.

She said this information will come out later on during the trial. The judge said he will allow the information if Riggins can provide witnesses and evidence regarding the matter.

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