New Skin Cancer Treatment Available in Yuma

New Skin Cancer Treatment Available in Yuma


YUMA, AZ - A year ago, Jo Bash,  from Yuma was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, a non-melanoma type of skin cancer. She tells News 13 "When I was first diagnosed with skin cancer and told I needed radiation I was scared."

Jo's cancer is among the most common types of skin cancer according to medical experts and for her it was right at the corner of her right eye. She says, "My biggest fear was having the radiation burn me and losing my eyesight."Fortunately for Jo a non-invasive radiation treatment was offered to her at Yuma Oncology Center using a very focused short distance therapy called Xoft.

Board Certified Radiation Oncologist Dr. Gordon Grado is a local physician at Yuma Oncology Center and says this treatment gives the patient a high dose of radiation in small compact and tight locations of the body. He also says it's less disfiguring and damaging to other areas surrounding the cancer. Dr. Grado says "Particularly around the corner of the nose. If you do surgery in that area it can sometimes cause a deviation or bending of the nose to the side. With Xoft we can treat it very nicely and easily."

Dr. Grado says in as little as 8 to 10 treatments each lasting between 5 and 10 minutes the innovative therapy is performed. Dr. Grado says this type of short distance therapy isn't for everyone but for those patients who do undergo the treatment there is a high success rate.

He says this type of treatment is about 98% successful in stopping cancer and the therapy is particularly for those with non-melanoma type of skin cancer, like Jo.

Jo tells News 13, "People says no pain no gain but in this case it's not true. There was no pain, no burning, no nothing, just a beep."


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