Finger print expert testifies: Preston Strong Trial day 17

Finger print expert testifies: Preston Strong Trial day 17


Yuma, AZ- It's day 17 of the Preston Strong Trial and Robert Tavanero took the stand. He testified he is the latent print examiner who reviewed the lifts conducted at the home of Dr. Satinder Gill and the lifts taken from the vehicle Strong was allegedly driving on the day of the murder.

Yuma Police reported they found impressions of a leather glove in several locations of Dr.Gills home where he was murdered. They found 1 on the front door, 1 on the bathroom counter top, 1 on the kitchen counter next to the stove and 1 in the master bath next to the sink.

Police reported they also found similar leather glove impressions in a black Lexus SUV they say Strong was driving that belonged to the car dealership he worked at.

The defense wanted to know more about how accurate their findings were.

Defense- "you can't say to a certainty that any of the lifts on the chart came from a glove can you?

Tavanero- "To a certainty... No."

Tavanero also testified the leather prints found in the vehicle were not necessarily the same as the ones they found in the home.

Mellisa Ochoa also took the stand. She said she met strong when she went to a local dealership to look for a car. Ochoa testified they later had a personal relationship and he would frequent the bar she worked at.

She also testified strong would sometimes brag about having money.

Prosecution- "Did he tell you what he would do with his money?"

Ochoa- "How he basically paid off his house and how he like gambling."

During opening arguments the prosecution stated Strong lived off of his former girl friend Adriana Ozuna. They said she owned the house they lived in, she paid for his cell phone bill, and his car payments.

The prosecution said strong had a need for money because he had a gambling problem.

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