A witness testimony ruled unreliable: Strong Trial day 18

A witness testimony ruled unreliable: Strong Trial day 18


Yuma, AZ- It's day 18 of the Preston Strong Trial and Patricia Lopez took the stand for the second time since the trial started. Lopez is Adriana Ozunas sister who is Strong's former girlfriend. Lopez also worked at the Desert Heart Vascular Center.

"He was always really nice to me.. He didn't do much to me, and my kids likes him," said Lopez.

The prosecution moved to impeach Lopez after this comment because they said her testimony in court last week and today has been inconsistent with what she told detectives nearly 5 years ago. The witness was temporarily excused from the court room.

"For her to say that it didn't affect her and she always had a good relationship with him, that's not accurate of what she said 26 days after Dr.Gill was found dead," said William Katz the State Prosecutor.

The prosecution said she in fact told police she thought strong was a deadbeat that needed to get a job and stop depending on her sister. The prosecution also said she had stated in a recorded conversation with detectives that she was scared of Preston Strong. But again today she didn't remember the conversation even after reading the transcript of it.

I don't remember half of the things I see in this transcript, I don't know why I would say that. It's so confusing to me," said Lopez.

Mindy Cordova also took the stand today. She testified she used to work at McCurley bail bonds and is the daughter of Mindy McCurley who has already testified in this trial.

The prosecution wanted to know why Cordova had gone to the Yuma Court house in 2010 to look at Strong's court files.

Cordova and McCurly have both testified that they don't believe strong could have been the killer because they said he was hanging around there business most of the day on November 1st of 2007, the day Dr. Satinder Gill was murdered.

The prosecution said they believe Cordova was at the court house looking at files to place Strong at their office during relevant times.

Cordova testified her and Strong have been friends for many years and they have had over 40 phone conversations since he has been locked up.

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