Severed pig heads dumped outside Mexicali Police Department

Severed pig heads dumped outside Mexicali Police Department

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Mexicali, B.C.--Two severed pig heads were left outside a Mexicali's state police sub-station Wednesday morning.

State police said they don't want to jump to conclusions and say its a message from organized crime.

They said each pig head had a note stuck to the forehead with a knife.

Each note contained the last name of two police officers who currently work with the investigative unit.

No further details were available about what else the note said but one of them had the last name "Vega Tapia" written on it.

Maria Elena Andrade, a spokeswoman with the department said they are fully investigating the incident and will determine what the message could mean.

They believe the two officers don't have a bad rep with the community and said the message could be tied to one of their cases.

"So far, we don't have any information that our officers were involved in any type of trouble." Andrade said in Spanish. "We have seen that both officers have been nothing but loyal to the institution."

Andrade said the two officers want to remain in their unit but security has been increased for them.

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