Armed suspect killed by Calexico Police

Armed suspect killed by Calexico Police

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CALEXICO - An armed suspect was shot and killed by Calexico Police early Thursday morning.

It happened in the 11th hundredth block of 2nd Street in what residents call a peaceful neighborhood.

Calexico Police received a domestic disturbance call from a house in the neighborhood around 2:55 am, and when officers arrived they were confronted by an armed male subject.

The two officers felt threatened by the armed suspect and shot at him numerous times. He was pronounced dead at the scene, just minutes after the two officers had called for backup.

"Other officers responded", says Calexico Police Chief, Jim Nuejahr. "The incident happened so quickly that while the other officers were en route, they actually never actually made it to the scene and the incident was over before they got there".

The neighborhood sits just on the other side of the Mexicali/Calexico border, but according to Guillermo Martinez, he hasn't seen a shooting in the 20 years he's lived here

"Nothing like this has happened, not shootings", he says "I've seen illegal immigrants jump the fence and into our backyards and I've seen coyotes roam around here, but never something violent like today's shooting".

Raymond Gutierrez was sleeping when the shooting occurred. His car was parked near the shooting and suffered a couple bullet holes. Raymond says that he is just lucky he wasn't in his car.

"I feel good, fortunate because I don't want nothing to happen to me", says Raymond. "I kind of feel bad because they hit my car but hopefully they're gonna repair it. Like I said, I was asleep and I didn't hear the shots. I though it was an earthquake because the windows all kind of shattered like. And I said oh, oh another earthquake.

According to Chief Nuejahr, he believes that his officers followed protocol and rules of engagement. Still, the shooting is under investigation therefore the identities of the suspect and officers are being withheld.

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