Law Enforcement Continues Maximum Enforcement Until Midnight

Law Enforcement Continues Maximum Enforcement Until Midnight


WINTERHAVEN, CA - It may be the last day of the Labor Day weekend but nonetheless the California Highway Patrol and other area law enforcement are still out patrolling. Authorities say they are looking for impaired or reckless drivers until midnight on Monday as part of the national "Get Sober of Get Pulled Over" campaign.

Sgt. Hector Meza with CHP says the maximum enforcement period began Friday night. He says, it has been relatively slow for the holiday weekend, but they have had some crashes and DUI arrests. He says, "There's nothing against having a good time, but make sure that if you do there is a designated driver, make sure you wear your seat belt and make sure you slow down."

According to CHP 29 people were killed in traffic collisions last year during the Labor Day weekend in California that's a 38% increase from the previous year.

Sgt. Meza also says on average 1500 people are arrested throughout the state for impaired driving every Labor Day weekend. He says getting a DUI has serious consequences and varies in each county however one thing is for certain. He says, "The highest penalty you can pay is actually going out there and hurting somebody or killing somebody and that's the most important thing we want to prevent."

Sgt. Meza says even if you're not drinking paying attention at all times is key to keeping you and others safe. He says "Make sure you are not distracted while you are driving. Make sure you are not talking on your cell phone and even though it's not against the law to look left and right, make sure you are paying attention on the road all the times."


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